This can be the next step that leads you to your dream job. We can help you if you’ve created your resume and….

  • are frustrated that your resume and job strategies are not getting results.
  • want to make sure your resume is ready to go PRIME TIME!
  • need a “networking” resume and need help with your branding statement.
  • aren’t sure why you aren’t getting results from your job search.

With “You Do It – We Review It” a professional resume writer will review you resume and make suggestions on how to improve it. Your writer is uniquely qualified as a nationally certified resume writer as well as a seasoned healthcare provider. We know what the culture is and know how to help you address obstacles.

With this upgrade, you will submit your resume and the job posting of your desired job. Suggestions and editing/review will be performed. You can also add in your cover letter for review as well!

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