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The Non-Clinical PT (Meredith Castin, PT, DPT) has created the best, most comprehensive course too discover non-clinical opportunites. This comprehensive course has excellent information that takes you through the steps to discover the best career for you and details the steps to landing your dream job!



PT OUTSIDE THE BOX: Donna Lampke is a seasoned veteran to the field of resume writing.  As a practicing PT, Donna is involved in a project designed to help PT’s (and other healthcare practitioners) craft an ideal resume.  Armed with a good resume, PT’s can seek career fields and opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable.  In this episode, we explore how PT’s can use their expertise to land the ideal job.

THERAPISTS ON FIRE: Burnout – where is our profession going and why is everyone leaving? Being able to get hired requires the right resume and cover letter. Dr. Donna Lampke shares all this and more in this episode.

APTA MEDIA: Dr. Donna Lampke and Dr. Ben Fung discuss “Creating Your Professional Identity” with the XChange.