Career Transition Resume


After you have done the hard work of self exploration and career exploration it’s time to create the resume that showcases your transferrable skills and accomplishments that steer you in a different career direction!

A resume review is recommended prior to purchasing this service. Career transitions require preparation and planning and your resume is the last part of the process. When you are ready, our career transition resume will assure you that you have an ATS compliant resume that focuses on your key accomplishments and achievements that help you move into a new career direction! Includes:

  • In-depth questionnaire that focuses on identifying the skills and achievements that hiring managers are looking for.
  • 45-minute phone consultations with a nationally certified resume writer.
  • ATS compliant resume delivered to you in PDF, doc, and text formats.
  • 2 examples of cover letters that you can customize for each job.
  • Example of a email thank you letter for interview follow-up.
  • Completion time: 1 week