OT/COTA Starter Pack


The perfect choice when you need a quick start to your job search. Starter packs include 2 resumes, 2 cover letters, a thank you email, an interview prep pack, and discipline specific keywords.


Everything you need right here to quick start your job search. Each pack includes:

  • 2 customizable resumes
  • 2 customizable cover letters
  • Customizable thank you email for after your interview
  • Interview prep packet
  • Discipline specific key words

Disclaimer: The clinical resume starter packs are priced low so that you can see effective examples of resumes and cover letters that have landed clinical jobs. The materials included are *NOT* meant to be directly reproduced or copied! Please lease these examples as inspiration for your own application materials, but be sure to change them so that the aesthetics, verbiage, and overall content reflect YOU are!