Free Resume Writing Websites – Do They Work?

There are a multitude of websites offering “free” resumes. I’ve tried 20+ of them and have yet to find one that I really like. In fact, the reason I created this business and website is because I was frustrated and disappointed in them and wanted to offer products that actually work and are easy to use.

As I searched for usable “free resumes” I approached each site with a hopeful and open mindset. Some of them were “okay” but their free version came with a number of caveats (i.e. the company website is watermarked on the free version, confusing formatting, out of date information, PDF only for downloads, text export only). On many of them, you have to upgrade to get a product that is actually presentable.

Many of the free/low cost websites are not ATS (applicant tracking system) compliant. This means that if you use them the hiring company may never ever process your resume because their computer system is unable to read your resume. The assumption that if a product looks good and is ATS compliant is false! Many of the attention grabbing, specially formatted resumes examples that I have seen will never make it through the ATS.

Many of the websites have the same software on the backend and the same pricing structure. Most of them are businesses that are trying to grab you with a free product with the hope of upselling you. Buyer beware!

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