Guides/worksheets to create dynamic resumes

Create Your Branding Statement

This worksheet guides you in creating a personal branding statement that clarifies what you are best at, who your market is, and why you are unique. 

$ 9.00

Professional Experience Worksheet

Compiling your work history on this worksheet will make writing your resume much easier!  Whittle down the most important aspects of your career history.

$ 9.00

Dissecting a Job Posting Worksheet

This worksheet will help you to easily work with a job posting to discover keywords and the achievements that hiring managers are looking for.

$ 9.00

Career Transition Worksheet

Is this the time to make a career change?Ask yourself the questions that help you to determine the direction that leads you to a new career!

$ 9.00

DIY: Create Your CV

Perfect for when you are applying to academic and teaching positions! Package includes a detailed CV and template that allows you to customize the details of your career.

$ 29.00