10 Things That Hiring Managers Want to Know

1. Whether you can follow directions. If a cover letter is requested, did you send a cover letter or an email? If a PDF resume is requested, did you send it as a word doc? Not following directions can quickly put your resume in the “no” pile.

2. How to get in touch with you. Are your address, phone number, email address, and LinkedIn address correct? (triple check for accuracy!)

3. Why you are the best person for the job. Explain in a summary paragraph or headline why you are THE person for the job. It’s important to understand that other people are also applying for the job and likely have 90-100% of the qualifications. What makes you stand out? How much experience do you have doing this particular job?

4. What you have accomplished that is related to this specific job? How have you saved your company money? How have you attracted new patients/clients? How have you improved staff morale? How do you compare to your co-workers?

5. Your job history. Where and when have you worked? What did you do? How did you improve the culture/company where you have worked? Do you have career gaps – and if you do, are they explained? Have you jumped from company to company? Do you have a career focus?

6. How do you present yourself on social media? Are you going to embarrass the company? Do you make inappropriate comments? Are your pictures wild and crazy? And yes…they will check you out.

7. Does your LinkedIn account match your resume? Are you putting in different jobs/dates on your resume than what is found on your LinkedIn page? Inconsistencies matter.

8. Do you have the educational background and credentials to perform the job? Unless you have a special “in” you must have the basic educational and licensure credentials to perform the job.

9. Are you careless? A quick path to the “no” pile is to have grammatical errors in your resume. If you don’t care enough to send in a polished product then you probably don’t care enough to do a good job. Do your margins line up? Do you have inconsistent fonts?

10. Will you fit in? Do you use lingo that indicates you understand the culture and profession? Is your resume passive or active? Does it convey energy?

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